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Samsung Powerbot vs Roomba

When it comes to the world of electronics, Samsung is one of the leading brands. However, most people associate Samsung with cell phones, NOT smart vacuums. Fortunately for us, they’ve included their smart vacuum the Samsung Powerbot R9350 to compete with other goliaths, specifically the Roombas.

In this article, we’ve selected the Roomba 980 to go up against the Powerbot since they are on a similar level of quality and features. Roombas need no introduction as they’ve been the leader in the smart robotic vacuum world for many years. Of course, being the first to market doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the best product, but the Roombas have stood the test of time. There aren’t too many smart vacuums that can keep up with its advanced navigation and powerful suctioning motor. We’ll see how the Powerbot compares to the Roomba in this Samsung Powerbot vs Roomba guide.

At a Glance

Between the Roomba and the Powerbot, there are a few key differences between these two smart vacuums. These differences have to do with their cleaning ability as well as their navigational ability. These two factors make up the most important features for any smart vacuum robots. They have to be able to maneuver better as well as do their job of cleaning the floors efficiently. We’ll take a brief look at what separates these two devices below.


When it comes to navigation, the Roomba 980 takes the cake. The reason is that it uses bumper sensors ALONG with a front camera to navigate. The key difference here is the bumper sensors which the Powerbot does not have. It DOES have the front camera so it isn’t too much far behind the Roomba.

The Roombas also have a virtual wall barrier that comes with the device. It sections off rooms in the house where the Roomba is instructed to not clean. The Samsung Powerbot has a similar feature utilizing magnetic tape. They both operate similarily so this isn’t a make it or break it feature.

 The Roomba has a lower height than the Samsung Powerbot which would allow it to get under more surfaces. This isn’t too big of a difference maker but it does have its upside.

The Samsung Powerbot does have a few navigational features that the Roomba does not. For example, it has spot cleaning through the use of a laser. Also, you can manually control your Powerbot using the mobile app, a feature that is exclusive to Samsung. Although Roomba does have an app, it doesn’t allow manual navigation. Lastly, the Powerbot has a physical remote control whereas the Roomba doesn’t.

Summary: The Roomba has advanced navigational features that allow it to perform effortlessly without the use of extra technology. The Samsung Powerbot has a lot more functionality since it allows you to clean manually and also pinpoint cleaning with the use of a laser or remote control. 

Cleaning Ability

Cleaning ability has to do with the types of surfaces that these robots can work on as well as the type of debris they can pick up. These two models both do a hell of a job when it comes to cleaning and there are a few differences between them.

The first notable mention is battery life. The Roomba 980 can run for up to 120 minutes at a time. The Samsung Powerbot runs for up to 90 min. This 30 minute difference might not be a deal breaker for you but its definitely something to keep in mind.

When it comes to suctioning power, the Powerbot wins the battle since it offers 30 watts of suction power. This allows it for more powerful cleans on tough surfaces like carpet. The only downside is that it is pretty loud so you might find it disturbing if you’re watching T.V. Roomba 980 only has a maximum of 10 watts but also offers Aeroforce cleaning technology with power boost which works just as well on carpets.

Summary: The Powerbot is the winner when it comes to cleaning ability. The 20 watt advantage over the Roomba 980 pushes it to the top. Couple this with the manual navigation ability and laser cleaning and you have the most powerful smart robot vacuum on the market. 

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Camera Mapping Navigation

These smart robots can adapt to your house by creating visual maps using the built-in camera. The Powerbot has sensors as well as the camera to help it navigate around the house. This isn’t to say that it’ll avoid all furniture and not bump into anything because you’ll see that happen with any robot vacuum. The Roomba 980 will pretty much do the same thing. It’ll learn the layout of your house and store it in its memory allowing it to operate more efficiently the next time it cleans.

Voice Command Capable

The latest robot vacuums have the ability to sync with Alexa. You’ll be able to control the robot with voice commands. Additionally, you can also use Google Home to use this feature.

Mobile App Capable

You can download the companion app for free on any Android or iOS device. The Roomba 980 will connect easily through your WiFi network at which point you can use it from wherever you are. If you’re at work you can start a clean through the app. You’ll also be able to get notifications on cleaning reports as well as change the cleaning type from single, double pass, edge cleaning or using Powerboost.

The Powerbot app is similar to the Roombas’ and has all of the features and then some. The extra feature is the manual control which allows you to manually select the rooms that you want the robot to clean.

Wall Barriers

Both of these devices allow the ability for the homeowner to select which rooms it would like it to clean and which rooms it wouldn’t. Now, we spoke about how the Powerbot has an app feature that allows it to do this already. However, it also comes with a magnetic tape that you can use to section off specific areas within the designated rooms. For example, you have an area in your kitchen where you leave a bowl of food for your pets. You can place a barricade of magnetic tape around the bowl and the Powerbot won’t cross it.

The Roomba has this feature as well but utilizes virtual wall barriers which project a laser which is recognized by the smart robot. It’ll then avoid crossing this laser and so you can create virtual walls within your home for the smart robot to recognize.

Autodock and Recharge

One of the features that really sets a smart robot apart from any vacuum cleaner. It’s already amazing that the robot will learn the layout of your home. In addition to this, it’ll automatically dock itself onto the charging station. Both the Powerbot and Roomba 980 have this feature. Not only will it autodock, but it’ll resume after fully charging. This allows for continuous hands-off cleaning.

Dirt Detection Sensors

Both robots have sensors underneath which can detect a high buildup of dirt/debris. They will then position themselves over this area and spend a larger amount of time there to make up for the excess debris.

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There’s no clear winner when it comes to choosing between these smart robot vacuums. The price is practically the same, being the top models in their particular brand. If you’ve got high pile carpets in your home then you might want to opt for the Samsung Powerbot as opposed to the Roomba. However, if you’d like a more advanced navigational robot, the Roomba 980 takes the cake.

The navigational ability isn’t too much of a step up. The Powerbot is capable of pinpointing exact cleaning spots as well as the ability to manually select places on the app. This customization might be an extra feature that you’d like to have and so you would choose the Powerbot. However, if it isn’t too much of a deal breaker then there isn’t too much to think about between these two robots.

Summary: At a similar price point, the clear winner is the Powerbot due to its increased suctioning power and customizable navigation. However, it isn’t ahead by much and the Roomba 980 is still a top of the line smart robotic vacuum. 

If you’d like to read an in-depth guide to the Roomba 980, please check out our review guide here.

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