//Roomba 980 Review

Roomba 980 Review


What is the Roomba 980? 

The iRobot company has reinvented the way we clean our homes over the years. Their Roomba models have continued to become more efficient cleaning machines. With Ai and robot technology on the rise, the Roomba 980 is one of the most advanced smart vacuums on the market.  

The iRobot Roomba 980 comes at a high price point and for good reason. It offers one of the most powerful cleans as well as the most intelligent navigation ai system. There’re a few new features to go over in this Roomba 980 review guide and we’ll dive right into the details.

What does the iRobot Roomba 980 do? 

The iRobot Roomba 980 does everything that the older models do, but much better. The older models would sometimes have trouble finding the best route to maneuver through your home. The Roomba 980 can navigate using the built-in camera mapping system.  

You can also set virtual wall barriers so that it can focus on specific rooms in your home. The camera mapping system creates a virtual map for the Roomba to learn. It’ll then place the map on the app and you’ll be able to see where the dirty spots in your home are.

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The circular design is sort of a staple when it comes to smart vacuums. Even other companies have replicated it due to its effectiveness. The iRobot Roomba 980 boasts one of the sleekest designs on the market.   

The CLEAN button is still found in the center of the device. Simply click this if you want to manually start one. To the left and right are the same buttons that we see on previous models. They are the spot clean and dock buttons.  

The newest installment is the camera found right below the CLEAN button. This isn’t found in the older models like the Roomba 660 or Roomba 690. 

The outer rim of the device is protected by a bumper just like all of the other ones. However, keep in mind that this device rarely gets stuck or knocks into a wall.

Types of Floor Surfaces 

Hardwood Floors 

The Roomba 980 will tackle hardwood floors and other flat surfaces with relative ease. These types of surfaces were never any trouble for the older Roombas and the 980 will surely surpass them all in efficiency due to the suction improvements.  

High Pile Carpet/Rugs 

High pile carpets and rugs were trouble for the previous models of the Roomba. Especially black carpets since the sensors had trouble differentiating them from stairs and so they would avoid cleaning them. The Roomba 980 has 10x the suction power of its first model and does a much better job at deep cleaning high pile carpets and rugs.  


Much like hardwood floors, tile surfaces are similar in texture and you’ll find that the Roomba 980 does a hell of a job on these floors.  

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Roomba 980


3 Stage Cleaning System: The 3-stage cleaning system is what makes smart vacuum cleaning effective. It essentially loosens, lifts, and suction the unwanted debris into the waste bin container. It loosens the grime with sweeping brushes while suctioning them up with 10x the power compared to previous versions.  

iRobot Home App: The iRobot Home app is compatible with this model as well. You won’t need to have the remote in order to schedule cleans as you can do it from the comfort of your cell phone, whether you’re at home or on the go.  

Get more data on your cleans such as what parts of the house were cleaned and what parts had the most concentration of debris.    

Automatic Docking and Recharging: The previous Roombas would all dock themselves and recharge once they ran their full runtime. The Roomba 980 takes that one step further and continues the job automatically once it’s done charging.  

This might not seem like such an important feature that you’d shell out all this money for, but it really adds the automation to the cleaning. 

Lithium-ion Battery: The lithium-ion battery is back with this model and it really adds to the quality as a whole. This battery was created with the long-term sustainability in mind.  

Multi-Surface rubber brushes: These are designed to pull in pet hair and unwanted debris easily without tangling up with each other. These are part of the loosen stage of the 3-stage cleaning system. Couple these with the sweeping edge brushes and you’ve got a pretty good cleaning robot.  

Intelligent Navigation: With cliff detections sensors, dirt detection, and camera mapping abilities, it’s no wonder why the Roomba 980 performs more efficiently than the latter models.  

You can expect the Roomba to learn and adapt to your homes and all of its furnishings. Before, we would recommend that you move furniture around and clean up a bit before deploying the Roomba. Now, you can really experience a hands-off clean like never before since the Roomba will adapt to its surroundings using the camera mapping ability.  

Lightweight and Sleek Design: Every Roomba model is less than 4 inches in height, allowing them to get into hard to reach spots like under the bed or under a dresser.  

Not only that, they’re under 10 lbs in weight allowing for easy mobility and carrying.  

Multi Control Capability: You can connect the Roomba 980 to your Wi-fi so that you can activate it using voice commands with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.  

Or, you can opt to use the app instead and all you’ll have to do is download the iRobot Home app from your device’s app store.

iRobot Roomba 960

The Cons 

One of the main cons is the price point since it’s the highest end model available in the Roomba family. If you can shell out a few bucks, you’ll get some of the premium features not available in its predecessors.  

Another con is the recurring issue of black floors/carpets. The Roomba’s sensors have trouble telling them apart from stairs since they show up as the same thing.  

Other than that, there’s not too much to say on this end since you can expect to get the best quality if you’re paying the highest price.  

Setting up the Roomba 980 

Setting up your Roomba 980 is fairly simple. With no assembly required, all you have to do is charge it for a few hours before operating. It comes partially charged but we recommend having it fully charged to preserve the integrity of the battery.  

Once it is fully charged, you can download and log into the app. You can also set up the Wi-Fi and sync it with Amazon Alexa or Google assistant.

How to use the iRobot Roomba 980 App 

The only requirements for the app are that you have iOS 10 + or Android 5.0 or better. That being said, it’s pretty easy and intuitive to navigate around the app.  

If you move to the schedule section, you can outline exactly when and what times you’d like for the Roomba to automatically start cleaning. You won’t have to constantly set the schedule as you can designate automated and recurring cleanings.  

Find out where the Roomba is spending most of its time cleaning and learn about the trouble spots in your home where you’re building up a lot of debris.  


The iRobot Roomba website has a great primer and picture guide on how to maintain any Roomba 900 series model found here: https://homesupport.irobot.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/7274/~/the-roomba-800-series-core-robot-care-procedure. 

There’s not too much maintenance associated with the Roombas. At the very least, you’ll have to empty the bin when there’s too much buildup. You’ll be alerted as to when you have to do this but it usually takes a few months.  

There are some parts that might get dirty after constant use, like the front caster wheels. The guide goes over how to remove and clean them but it’s fairly easy and doesn’t require any tools.  

The side brush, cliff sensors, iAdapt localization camera, and the floor tracking sensor as some of the small parts that may need a good wipe down from time to time.  





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