Best Robot Vacuum Under 200

If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum under 200, you’ll be pleased to know there are several options from different brands. Robot vacuums and other smart technology has been getting more and more popular as well as advanced.

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum ($111):

beast robot vacuum under 2000

If you’re looking for the best robot vacuum under 200, the Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum is a great starter choice. It covers all of the fundamentals without all of the frills. It’s really as basic as it gets. If you’re looking for app scheduling, voice activation, wireless capability, you might want to opt for one of the versions at the bottom of this article.


  • Allergy and Pet-Friendly HEPA filter – Keeps unwanted air particles trapped inside the dustbin.
  • Hardwood Floor and Low-Pile Carpet cleaning
  • Extremely thin body frame to allow the robot to reach tough places
  • Dual rotating brushes
  • Cliff Detection sensors so that it won’t fall off of stairs and other droppings
  • Smart, self-programmed cleaning path navigation
  • Obstacle detection sensors to avoid furniture
  • 3 cleaning pattern modes


  • Doesn’t charge automatically. Most later devices move to their dock automatically once they run out of charge.
  • Doesn’t have camera mapping abilities to learn your home
  • Doesn’t have App or smartphone capabilities
  • Won’t tackle high-pile carpets nearly as efficiently as hardwood or low-pile carpets

With the Pure Clean Smart Vacuum, you won’t have to lug around a heavy vacuum cleaner anymore. With the press of a button, you can start a clean and let the robot do all of the work. There’s fairly low maintenance on these types of machines and it is mostly just cleaning the dust bin from time to time and wiping down the device to clear any debris.

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ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum($140) 

best cheap robot vacuum under 200


The ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is the newer version of the V3s. It comes at a slightly higher price point than the Pure Clean Smart Vacuum but it does offer more features and abilities. A few to mention off the bat is the auto-charging feature and the powerful suction available.


  • Pet hair technology capable
  • Thin design to target under the bed/sofas/furniture
  • Self-charging when the device runs out of battery
  • Programmable schedule with a remote – Decide when the robot will clean on an automatic schedule
  • Edge-cleaning mode to focus on wall and side cleaning
  • Cliff detection sensors
  • Nano-fiber cloth available for deeper cleaning
  • Double protection for shocks


  • Doesn’t offer App technology or voice commands
  • Will have trouble with high-pile carpet floors
  • No auto-resume cleaning after docking itself and charging
  • No camera mapping ability

As you can see this is a fairly advanced device for the price. It offers a couple of great advantages like auto-docking, remote functionality, and programmable scheduling without the higher price points of the Roomba family.

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ILife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner($169)

best robot vacuum under 200

The ILife A4s Robot Vacuum is a step up above from the previous model we spoke about, the ILife V3s Pro. It’s about a $30 price difference between these two and you might be wondering what extra features it has. For one, the ILife A4s has the Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system which offers a much more efficient clean than previous models. Additionally, this model can offer a deep clean on carpet floor types previously unseen.


  • Gen 3 CyclonePower cleaning system
  • Automatic docking/restart cleaning based on schedule
  • Multiple sensors to detect stairs and bumping into walls/furniture
  • Superior battery life allowing of up to 140 minutes runtime which is on the high end for any smart vacuum
  • Remote Control with scheduled programming available
  • Deep cleaning on carpet
  • Tangle-free roller brush
  • Superpowered clean with the Max mode turned on by remote
  • 3″ tall which is pretty thin enough to get into tough places


  • No camera mapping ability
  • No app functionality or voice commands
  • No wifi-capability
  • Doesn’t auto resume cleaning after being charged

The ILife A4s Robot Vacuum is more of a high-end entry-level model. It is still considered entry-level due to the new state of the art missing features like the camera mapping ability or app usage. However, it can hold its own when it comes to cleaning power. Most smart vacuums won’t offer deep cleans on a carpet, especially at that price point. For that reason alone this robot vacuum comes in at a bargain considering its powerful suction capabilities.

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Ecovacs Deebot N79s Robot Vacuum Cleaner($199)

best robot vacuum under 200

If we had to pick the absolute best robot vacuum under 200, it would have to be the Ecovac Deebot N79s. It really packs a punch with its Max cleaning mode which offers up to 2x the suction. Additionally, its one of the few models under 200 that offer smart app and voice control capability. You can schedule and monitor cleanings beforehand and allow the smart vacuum to work around a predetermined schedule.


  • Max Cleaning Mode for 2x the suction power
  • Smart App and Voice control capability
  • 3 different cleaning modes
  • Multi-room cleaning
  • Air filtration
  • Auto clean and resume
  • Unique 3 stage cleaning system
  • Extremely low noise level as to not disturb anyone


  • No camera mapping ability
  • High Pile Carpet difficulty
  • Slightly higher price point than the models mentioned

This smart vacuum is actually really impressive for the price point. It offers a ton of new features like the multi-room cleaning and smart app capability. These might not seem enough reasons for the price jump but if you factor in the Max suction mode and the other 3 cleaning modes, it makes a strong case for itself. This is a quality device that can introduce you to the world of smart vacuums.

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